Parx Casino Bonus Code Pennsylvania

Parx Casino is a popular gaming and entertainment venue in Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. As with many other large sites of its kind, Parx provides drinking, dining, and shopping facilities in one space.

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This is the number one gaming venue in Pennsylvania, and its online casino is a well-designed, attractive site.

There are dozens of slots and table games to play, featuring brand-new titles from some of the leading software developers in the industry. You’ll receive a special Parx Casino bonus code Pennsylvania when you register to play online, which gives you thousands of virtual credits to spend, letting you experiment with the different games at no real cost.

Parx Online uses these virtual credits as a free-to-play system, so you can have fun without needing to pay. As well as the bonus code which earns you free virtual-money upon registration, you’ll also get $3,000 in virtual credits every day just for signing in.

However, you can choose to buy these for real money if you want to play more than this free top-up allows, and making transactions at Parx Online is quick, simple, and safe.

As well as their bonus codes, Parx Online adds incentive to keep coming back again and again through their tournaments. These revolve around specific games, and feature large prize pools worth thousands upon thousands of virtual credits; they also charge entry fees, though, so only players with the required amount in their accounts will be able to take part.

These bring a genuine sense of competitiveness to the gaming experience, replicating the thrills and excitement of the real casino gaming-floor.

As well as the tournaments, leaderboards take the competitive spirit further, recording the strongest, most prolific players’ activities in a simple table. The top player receives a special award for their gaming, as much as $20,000.

Signing up with Parx Online will bring you free virtual credits and access to dozens of high-quality games.

Bonus TypeBonus Description
Free Sign-up Bonus$5000 free virtual credits when you sign-up for online play
Sign-up Xclub Card Bonus$10 in free slot play for signing up with Xclub Card


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Parx Casino Online Bonus Code

Parx Casino is the number one casino in Pennsylvania. It’s owned and run by Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc., and provides locals with a wide range of gaming and entertainment options. It’s home to more than 3,500 slot machines, 130 different table games, a poker room with 80 tables, as well as live racing, and more.

As well as its land-based site, you can also play at Parx Casino via its online casino, Parx Online. This is designed to transplant the excitement and atmosphere from the brick-and-mortar venue to your home, via a computer, smartphone, or tablet. As with many online casinos, Parx Casino offers you special incentives to join – and there is one key Parx Casino bonus code Pennsylvania worth paying attention to.

When you register to play at the online casino, you can take advantage of $5,000 free in virtual credits to spend on virtual games. This will let you take the time to explore the site and experiment with different categories without having to spend a cent of your own money; you’ll be able to discover which games and which categories suit your personal tastes best.

You can activate this Parx Casino bonus code Pennsylvania when you sign up, and creating your account is a quick, simple process. It’s an effective way to start your membership off with a bang, and ensures you’ll have fun even if you don’t want to add money to your account straight away. You’ll receive as many as $3,000 free credits each day as a Parx Casino bonus code Pennsylvania, letting you experiment with games at no real cost to yourself.

Parx Casino’s online venue offers a wide, varied range of games, including 21 new titles created by IGT (International Gaming Technology). This is one of the leading software-development brands operating today, providing successful casinos with an extensive selection of high-quality games across different categories.

Virtual credits sadly can’t be exchanged for real money.

Other Promotions at Parx Casino

At Parx Casino, you’ll also get to take advantage of other promotions, including the happy hour offer, which runs between 4pm and 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During this time, you’ll receive a 10 percent bonus on your virtual-credit purchases, giving you extra to play with.

Another promotion is the $10 free for signing up with the Xclub Card. Once you register for this, you’ll find the cash waiting in your account for you!

What is Parx Casino’s Xclub Card?

Loyalty schemes are key to online casinos. With these in place, websites give members an incentive to keep coming back time after time, offering perks for continued loyalty.

In the case of the Xclub Card, you’ll receive free slot plays, entry into regular sweeptstakes, comp points, and additional rewards. There are three levels of card, each activated when you achieve a set number of credits within a period of six months.

For example, the Player’s level requires 999 credits or less. This earns free play at slots (as well as offers on food and drinks at Parx Casino’s land-based site), community-partner offers, birthday deals, and more.

The Premium level, which requires around 1,000 credits or more, brings you the same benefits of the Player’s card, as well as free valet service, invitations to private events, and others.

The highest level is the Elite, which requires 7,500 credits or more. With this, you get all the perks of the previous two levels, as well as priority services at the land-based venue.

The Xclub Card also brings you the Xtra Play offer: the more you play, the easier earning becomes. You can put your Xclub Card into a slot machine at Parx Casino’s brick-and-mortar venue and you receive Xtra Play the following day. To check out your Xclub Card status online, just login into your account.

Comp Dollars can also be earned when you play at slot machines and table games at Parx Casino’s land-based site, to be redeemed on their food and drink.

What Slot Games can you Play at Parx Casino Online?

In total, there are around 35 different slots available at Parx Casino online, separated into slots and VIP slots sections.

If you want to play in the standard slots section, you can choose from different categories, arranged by the number of paylines each game features (1-10, 15-20, 25+). You can choose from such high-quality video slots as Safari Spirit, Egyptian Gods, Eagle Bucks, Drive: Mutiplier Mayhem, Fruit Shop, Glow, Four Guardians, Crazy Money, Girls Day Out, and more.

In the VIP slots section, you’ll need to have a minimum of $20,000 in your account. It’s fairly easy to top your balance up, given that you receive a Parx Casino login reward of $3,000 every day. The catalog includes Robin Hood, Fiesta Senorita, Fantasini: Master of Mystery, Fairytale Legends, Mustang Money, Total Meltdown, and various other titles.

The slots page is well-designed and arranged for simple, straightforward navigation. You can choose to arrange the huge collection of games by displaying all of them in alphabetical order, by featured titles, by those with a high limit, and those with the most lines. New games are added on a regular basis, so it’s worth checking back again and again if you’re a fan.

You can play on desktop computers, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. If you want to play on the latter two platforms, you can download the Parx Casino app for iOS or Android (links are available at the site). The sleek presentation, striking visuals, and solid design all ensure a high-quality gaming experience on smaller screens, empowering you to play your favorite games on the move.


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What Table Games Can You Play at Parx Casino Pennsylvania?

While Parx Casino’s online site is focused primarily on slot games, there are others you can try across different categories. Table games such as roulette, blackjack, solitaire, jacks or better, and more are all available.

As with the slot games, the table titles are arranged into standard and VIP categories. You’ll need a high balance to access this latter section, but again, you can top your account up by logging in every day.

Other games include deuces wild, regal poker, double regal poker, jester poker, empire action, fortune 52, fever aces, and cash draw poker.

While slot games are more immediate and accessible than table games tend to be (in general), the latter provide a different experience, with something of a slower pace and more strategy required. Poker, of course, is fairly complicated for newcomers, but is a real favorite of countless experienced players. On the other hand, blackjack is brilliantly simple, with players tasked to get their hand to number 21 (or as close as possible) without going over.

As you can see, Parx Online has something for everyone. You can try many of these for free with the Parx Casino bonus code Pennsylvania after signing up.

Buying Virtual Credits at Parx Casino

As mentioned above, Parx Casino rewards you for signing in every day with a free $3,000 Parx Casino Online bonus code of virtual credits. These let you play the site’s range of games without having to pay a fraction of your own money, but if you wish, you can invest in virtual credits using four of the most popular online payment methods: MasterCard; Visa; Discover; American Express.

Parx Casino online lets you buy virtual credits in different amounts, depending on how much you want to spend. For $4.90, you can buy $7,000 in virtual credits, while $9 will earn you $17,000.

Want to spend a little more to make a significant extra? Spend $39 to get $85,000, or even a staggering $199 for $900,000 virtual credits. It’s a quick, simple process, and Parx Casino’s online site offers safe transactions.

However, it’s vital to remember that virtual credits can’t be redeemed for real money, with no offline value – t’s purely for entertainment purposes. You can use the credits earned from your Parx Casino Online bonus code across desktop and mobile devices.

Tournaments at Parx Online

Parx Online give you a wide and diverse range of tournaments to take part in. There are different prize pools connected to each, along with a specific entry cost.

For example, one tournament (King and Queen) has a pool of $18,000 and demands an entry investment of $2,000. Another, Solstice Celebration, has a pool of $9,000 and an entry fee of $1,000, while Crazy Money has a prize pool of $4,500 and $500. These are temporary tournaments, with the games changing on a regular basis, but the core idea always remains the same.

Entering the tournament is simple, provided you have the virtual credits in your account to cover your fee. All you have to do is pick the game you want to play from the tournaments provided, and then start playing – all players involved are given the same number of spins.

Tournaments are a terrific addition to any online casino, helping to create a real sense of community and competitiveness, just as you’d expect to find in a real, land-based gaming venue. This is equally true of the leaderboards, which track the best players’ performance through the number of virtual credits won.

If you get to the top of the leaderboard, you’ll receive an award of $20,000 virtual credits, though runners up get nothing. You can also see which online games have been played most by other players, if you want to compete with the best.

You can find a wealth of information on Parx Casino’s website, including their address (for formal inquiries), live game reports, and more. The only thing missing is a blog, at the moment at least.

Parx Online is a high-quality free-to-play casino with an outstanding selection of games, across numerous categories. The registration Parx Casino Online bonus code gives you a generous amount of virtual credits with which you can explore the site and try dozens of games without having to spend any of your own money. Visit Parx Online and register now to reveal your bonus codes!

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