Sands Casino Bonus Code Pennsylvania

Sands Casino is a popular gaming and entertainment venue in Pennsylvania, providing you with a huge selection of games. Slot games and table games are widely available, covering a diverse range of classics and cutting-edge titles.

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Their bonus codes offer you an impressive array of promotional rewards. Sands Casino updates and alters these on a regular basis, though many take place each and every week. You can play the Spin It to Win It and try your luck when spinning the prize wheel, which offers you free slot play and cash bonuses. Another is the Mega Monday, with significant cash prizes up for grabs.

While Sands Casino Pennsylvania doesn’t currently offer an online-gaming facility, it may well be venturing into this in the future. Alongside the gaming side, you can shop at the site’s stores, you can dine at their restaurants, and enjoy other entertainment facilities.

However, the casino is the key attraction, and the Sands Casino bonus code Pennsylvania offers make an excellent incentive to create your membership.

There’s also a My Sands program, which rewards you for your continued loyalty. With this card, you’re able to earn rewards, discounts, and other perks to maximize your enjoyment; this is a common feature of many high-quality casinos, giving you plenty of motivation to keep coming back. You can access your My Sands account online to see how your rewards are progressing, such as your free slot play and other aspects.

Our review explores the different games, bonuses, and rewards available at Sands Casino Pennsylvania.

Bonus Type Bonus Description
Mega Monday 5 winners win $250 free slot play each hour, between 1pm and 8pm
Spin It to Win It 2 winners spin a prize wheel each hour, with prizes going from $100 to $5000, or free slot play

Sands Online Casino Bonus Code

Looking to start online at Sands Casino Pennsylvania? While this well-known, well-respected company doesn’t yet offer online play, it’s believed they may well be making the move to the virtual-gaming world soon enough. There are other locations in Macau, Las Vegas, and more, so expansion is clearly a priority.

Given the sheer range of games offered at their brick-and-mortar venues, across multiple locations, it’s certain their online sites would provide you with a massive selection of games to suit all tastes.

Being able to get your virtual hands on an online Sands Casino bonus code Pennsylvania offer would be ideal to help you get off to the strongest start possible, taking your basic wager and increasing it; different online casinos provide you with matches on your deposits, usually the first one but potentially the second and third too, boosting your total amount to play with by as much as 100 percent (or, in some cases, even more).

Having access to a bonus code to redeem at this Pennsylvania online site would help newcomers really get a feel for the virtual casino and its range of games; you can experiment with various categories and see which suit your experience and skill levels best.

To get your Sands Online Casino bonus code, you just need to visit the Sands Casino website, and elect the location for Pennsylvania. You’ll then be able to reveal your code and dive in.

At Sands Casino Bethlehem, in Pennsylvania, you can take advantage of numerous great bonuses, available to first-timers and long-term members alike. One of the most exciting is the Mega Monday bonus offer, which allows five winners to get $250 free slot play each hour, between 1pm and 8pm, while five winners will be given $1,500 free slot play at 8pm.

The first entry for this is free, and you’ll earn extra entries from 6am to 7.45pm. This is a popular bonus that gives you plenty of free funds for slot machines at the Pennsylvania casino. There’s a vast selection of slot games to play, including many of the leading machines from popular manufacturers.

Another Sands Casino bonus code Pennsylvania you can take advantage of is the Spin It to Win It promotion. Every Monday, this allows two winners the chance to spin a special prize wheel every single hour (between 1pm and 8pm), with rewards varying from $100 to $5,000 in cash or free play on slots.

You’ll need your My Sands membership card to activate this, but the opportunity to win free money or free slots means you can make your gaming last for longer, without having to pay an extra cent. There’s also a customer service team available if you have any questions to address regarding promotions (a phone number and hours can be found on the site).


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Other Promotions at Sands Casino

As well as the aforementioned two promotions, Sands Casino Pennsylvania provides members with a diverse range of bonuses. Some of these are time-sensitive, but illustrate the variety you can expect to see throughout your membership, giving you more for your money.

One of these is the $30,000 slot tournament towards the end of April, with an overall prize pool shared among the lucky winners.

The top reward is $15,000 in cash, though runners up will receive up to $5,000 (for those gaining second, third, fourth, and fifth place). Anyone who receives sixth place to 50th receives different slot-related prizes, up to a maximum of $300.

Another Sands Online Casino bonus code is the CashBash, with the top prize being $20,000 in cash, $5,000 for second place, and $1,500 for third. A total of 47 other players will get $500 in free slot play, making sure dozens of members have an incentive to visit the casino each month.

Other promotions include prizes beyond cash or free slot play, though. One example is a giveaway for a 2018 Dodge Charge SRT Hellcat, in which the top prize is awarded to one lucky winner with free entry; four runners up receive $1000 in free slot plays.

There’s also the Bouncin’ Bonus Jackpots promotion, which gives three winners $500 in free slot play every hour between 1pm and 8pm, with a $1000 free slot play awarded to one winner at the close of this promo code.

As you can see, the business offers an extensive range of Sands Casino bonus code Pennsylvania and promotions to keep players walking through their doors. This variety changes from time to time, though the key promotions take place every month, with thousands upon thousands of dollars awarded free to the luckiest members.

What is Live Stadium Gaming?

One facility you can expect to find at Sands Casino Pennsylvania is live stadium gaming. This allows dozens of players to take part in roulette or baccarat at the same time, playing live with a dealer but at your own pace.

How? Using electronic betting terminals, you’re able to try your luck and potentially win big prizes, without the potential intimidation of other, more experienced players at your side.

Everyone has their own terminal, and you can simply focus on what you’re doing rather than what others are. This is a real advantage to newcomers who may feel self-conscious about playing at table with other people, for fear of making a silly mistake or looking inexperienced.

However, you also get to enjoy the thrill and interaction of a live dealer, which you don’t get when playing an electronic version by yourself. You can play multiple games at the same time, and keep track of them all easily with the terminal’s accessible, user-friendly layout.

What Slot Games are Available at Sands Casino Pennsylvania?

Sands Casino Pennsylvania is around the size of three football fields, with more than 150,000 square feet of gaming home to over 3,000 slot machines.

This is a mix of classic, traditional slot machines and those made with cutting-edge software, providing colorful displays, immersive sound effects, and fast-paced play. You can choose from such well-known licensed games as the Godfather, Family Guy, Wheel of Fortune, the Wizard of Oz, and many more.

Having a vast selection of slot machines available ensures gamers of diverse skill levels have something to enjoy. Slot machines are one of the most accessible gaming options at Sands Casino Pennsylvania, with simple rules and quick gameplay.

You can also play by yourself, focusing on having fun and trying to win, without having to sit at a table surrounded by multiple other members; this removes the potential intimidation you may feel in the company of more experienced people.


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What Table Games Can You Play at Sands Casino Pennsylvania?

Table games are a staple of any casino, and Sands Casino offers a broad range, with the most popular available. This gives you plenty to try your Sands Online Casino bonus code rewards with.

21+3 is provided, which is a combination of classic blackjack and elements of three card poker. While you have the standard betting circle set up, another one is created for betting the 21+3 bet itself. To win, you just need to make sure your hand and the dealer’s upcard combines for a straight flush, straight, flush, or three of a kind.

Blackjack, of course, is available. Not only is this incredibly simple and accessible for the most inexperienced players, blackjack is quick to complete, allowing you to come and go from the table in a matter of moments should you so choose. It follows easy rules: all you have to do is get your cards to total 21, or as near as can be, without going any higher.

There’s also casino war, in which your card’s rank must be higher than that of the dealer’s. Craps is provided, that beloved dive-based game, while others include such classics as poker, double deck blackjack, Pai Gow tiles, roulette, Sic Bo, and others.

This extensive variety has plenty to keep gamers of all experience and skill levels entertained, regardless of your personal preferences or gaming budget.

What is the Sands Casino My Sands Club?

Every good casino, whether online or land-based, needs to offer its customers a high-quality loyalty scheme. This just makes smart business sense: you reward players for their loyalty, providing incentive to keep coming back again and again, spending a little money to make money.

The My Sands Club provides you with various rewards for your loyalty. Signing up gives you numerous discounts, access to the different promotions, and other extras. There’s no charge to join either.

You’ll receive dollars to use inside the casino’s different amenities, like the restaurants, hotel, spa, store, event center, and various others. There’s free entry for sweepstakes, free drinks while you play at the many slot machines, free parking.

You can also access your account online, providing an easy way to assess your points and check out the various Sands Online Casino bonus codes etc.

Important Information for Playing at Sands Casino Pennsylvania

Want to play slot or table games at Sands Casino? You must be over the age of 21 to access the gaming floor, though the rest of the site (including restaurants, the hotel, and the stores) are accessible to people below that age, though. However, you need to be supervised by someone older than 25 if you’re under 21 to eat at the restaurants.

Holders of the My Sands Card can be upgraded automatically to the prestigious Preferred Level status after earning 25 points in one gaming day, a minimum of five times in one period of 90 days. Unfortunately, points don’t actually carry over one day to the next, so you really do need to earn the 25 in a single day. The Sands Casino will notify you if you’re able to upgrade, via a message appearing on your slot machine.

Numerous payment methods are available to use at the casino, too.

Sands Casino Pennsylvania provides you with a wide range of gaming options, across table and slot games, with thousands available for players of all tastes. You should visit their site to reveal your Sands Casino bonus code Pennsylvania and get your membership off to a great start now!

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