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Gambling on the internet platform has, over the decades, been on the upward trajectory as compared to the traditional land based gambling dens in the United States. Internet gambling boasts of perfect convenience as you can wager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; from the comfort of your home or for relaxation during work breaks.

Online casinos, on another front, will offer you improved payout rates when you play and even better, remarkable rewards in form of casino bonus code offers. This is thanks to the stiff competition on the online platform. But then, not all bookies available online are legit.

With all the fun, it is understandable that you already can’t wait to give your favorite online betting games a try. But then, it’s not always a bed of roses when gambling online; can you imagine your hard-earned money going down the drains after wagering on scams that pose as online casinos? That would be quite devastating, right?

Fortunately for you, we have done our in-depth research and here is a guide that will help you in your venture to make money online. After the next couple of minutes, you will know how to avoid illegal betting zones that are full of rip-offs and unfair gaming. You will get to find out all about the licensed online casinos and the bonus codes that you can find in the United States.

Find out more about licensed online casinos in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and the great casino offers.



Is Online Gambling Legal In US?

To answer your question, yes, it is legal but only in a few states. Before we take you through the details of how you can make real money online, let us first take a few minutes to go through the states where gambling is legalized in the US. You definitely don’t want to rub shoulders with the law while trying to enjoy betting on the internet.

Here in the United States, you should be aware that in the majority of the States online betting is not legal, with a few exceptions such as: Nevada, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Things have been changing gradually in the past years and more states are coming to join in on the bandwagon of the states where gambling is legalized. Recently, states such as Maryland, Maine, Kansas, and Ohio have legalized gambling and the future looks bright with more states legalizing betting.

At the moment, the number of states where casinos are legalized stands at 18. But things are getting better for online gamblers in the US because 30 more states have offered to permit gambling. This is opening up the market and it will definitely increase your options and chances to make money on various gaming platforms. In some states, however, there is a blurred line between how legal or illegal gambling in.

A great example is Miami. Despite the fact that in Miami it’s theoretically illegal to gamble, there exists sufficient gaps for you to wager. Bettors can take a stab at offshore casinos or onshore bingo, and Native American reservations. So, if you reside in Miami, you might just get to place your wagers without finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.




How To Determine Legitimate Online Casinos?

Legitimacy has been one of the greatest challenges for online bettors. And you must be wondering how you will be able to detect whether a casino is legit. Thanks to all the research that we have carried out, you won’t have to scratch your head. Below, we have a detailed dossier with plenty of information on how you can evaluate online casinos before you make any deposits or take advantage of the online casino bonus code US bookies may be having.

  1. Financial Transactions: Since you gamble online to have some fun and make money as well, it is your ultimate priority to understand how you will collect your dues once they are mature. Be on the lookout, since reliable sites will offer you several trustworthy payment services like PayPal, MasterCard, or Visa. Illegitimate bookies will sometimes fail to have clear withdrawal methods. Therefore, you must establish whether the bookmaker has clearly indicated the type of withdrawal methods that are available.
  2. Bonuses: The beauty of bookmaking comes with the casino bonus code offers that are given to you when you register or continue playing. The cutthroat competition in online casinos doesn’t allow any bookmaker to overlook the importance of bonuses and promotions because they are the factors that get you to their sites. Numerous casinos online will entice you with great VIP bonuses, bets and occasionally have a repayment regulations. But then, the devil is always in the details – read and understand the terms and conditions on the casino promotions. Some deals are just too good to be true and that’s one of the red flags of illegal online bookies. The majority of online casinos will offer you at least a 100% bonus on your initial deposit, and sometimes, it stretches to the first five deposits. Just before you pursue sites with great promotions, you can compare their respective clearance rates. Some casinos will want you to be involved so much to a point that the bonus is not economically friendly in the long run. You may end up spending a lot more money than you win, which is no advantage to you. User friendly bonus codes will have favorable terms that are not too restrictive on your side.
  3. Licensing: Any casino worth its salt must be legally registered and licensed. You can easily find out the legitimacy of casinos online before you decide to play. A licensed casino in the US will have all its relevant licensing information clearly displayed. If the online gaming site that you want to bet in doesn’t have licensing information well-indicated, then there is a high probability that it isn’t legit. Therefore, you should stay away from it.
  4. Security of the Site: Whenever money exchanges hands and you provide your identity information, security is a key aspect to consider. The online casino industry is equally flooded by scammers who might take advantage of you if you are not keen on where you play your games. You should at all times confirm that the casinos you are gambling with offer you security, safety and fairness in disbursements of funds after playing. A good way of confirming that a bookie is secure is by checking the companies responsible for developing and providing the online casino’s site security. Reputable security software firms include NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming, for they offer deep-rooted security features complete with firewall protection for air-tight security. You can also confirm whether the bookmakers’ site random number generating software has been recently checked and approved by an independent accreditation firm.
  5. Reputation: Reputation of an online bookie in the US should be one of the driving forces that lead you to their games. One surefire ways way to gauge the reliability and the credibility of the casino is by reading the reviews about the site that you want before you redeem its casino bonus code for instance. Try reading a couple of reviews written by players of that site – between 25-35 reviews. That can give you a clear picture of what it’s like to gamble in that site. If a bookmaker is a rip-off, you will know from the comments that the players have.
  6. Age Limit: Sometimes, being over 18 years of age doesn’t warrant you all the privileges and freedom of gambling online depending on the state that you are in in the US. Some bookmakers set the age for playing at 21 years. Look out for such playing rules so that you don’t find yourself breaking the law.
  7. Customer Support: How would you feel if you went to a new country and there are no tour guides to direct you on how to navigate the towns? You will feel totally confused and lost. Same applies when you get to a casino and no one comes to your help when you get stuck or when need further clarification on a particular subject matter in the game. Go for bookmakers with supportive customer care system and the easiest way to find out is to check their help section.

Why You Should Read Online Brand Reviews?

A review is basically an assessment of a specific online casino by a player who has taken part in wagering in the games that are available in the said bookmaker. The player reviews help in scrutinizing the online casinos and the type of offers that are available. From the reviews written by fellow players of a specific brands, you can know, for instance, whether the casino bonus code they have offered is working correctly. Reading the reviews is one of the easiest ways of knowing whether you are going to enjoy yourself while placing wagers in a specific casino and whether the games have a high payout rate.



Any licensed online casino always offers you a chance to comment about its platform’s performance after you have registered. Members of a casino will talk about the good aspects of the casinos and the negative ones as well. If there are too many negatives, then that means that it’s obviously not worth taking your time placing wagers in that brand. As a gamer, you can also help out prospective players by writing reviews about your experience with the brand. Just make sure that you are honest in your review writing; don’t add in any incorrect information since you could mislead other gamers who come to read the reviews.

The licensed online casinos themselves also use the player reviews as a means to gauge their performance in relation to your reaction about your experience on their site. Your feedback is used as an index that will help the bookie to enhance their services and offer you even better services and a friendlier gaming environment.

Unless the brand is still very new in the online betting industry, you will definitely find information based on player experiences mentioned in the review section. Here are a few ways in which the player reviews of the online brands can help you:

  • The reviews can help you determine the authenticity of the site. For instance, whether the games are fair or are rigged;
  • You can also know the technicality of the games available, i.e. whether the games are difficult to play;
  • Reviews from fellow players will inform you on the user friendliness of the site;
  • The reputation the online casino has had or rather built over the time of its existence;
  • How the specific online casino implements their terms and conditions;
  • Convenience or any irregularities in payment especially when you want to withdraw your winnings after betting;
  • Effectiveness of the brand’s customer support system;
  • Inadequacies in the software systems used, e.g. whether the gameplay is smooth or it is full of bugs and too slow for effective gaming;
  • Discrepancies of the online casino: for example, whether the casino bonus code is not working, redeemable or has already expired before the actual date of validity.

Think of online reviews as a watchdog to the online casinos. By reading them, you will always know what you will experience with a brand before you sign up to become an official member.


Online Casino Bonus Code US Offers & Why You Should Redeem Them

To help you understand how you can tap into this ever-growing online casino industry, we will go through one of the popularly used terms used – in this case, the Casino Bonus Code. So, what is it all about? Well, it is a unique code, made up of alphabet or numeric characters, or both combined.

Whenever you sign into a casino online, you will be provided with the bonus code by the respective bookmaker. If you forget to input the bonus code while registering as a new user, then your chances of getting introductory offers are as good as dead.



You can see what are the most common types of bonuses that you can find in casinos in the table below.

Types of bonusesDetails
No Deposit BonusesYou usually can start your gaming experience without having to risk your real money
Reload BonusesYou will receive it after a registration bonus
High Roller BonusesHigh roller bonus will offer you great returns whenever you make large deposits
Alternative Deposit Method BonusesThis bonus is reliant on the method of payment you use to pay for your deposit before you play
Match BonusesA bonus that will be offered to you while playing a particular game
Refer-a-Friend BonusesThis is a bonus awarded based on every friend you refer to the online bookie
Loyalty BonusesThese types of bonuses are gathered over time when you play games online
Casino Cash BacksThis is a form of bonus system where you are refunded your money back
Additional Spins BonusesThey will ultimately allow you test the slot machines at totally no cost of real money

Licensed Online Casino Bonus Code US Offers

Our experienced team of professionals has done all the digging to convey to you the information that will enrich your experience as you wager online. Below is a summary of the advantages that are awarded to you once you redeem the online casino bonus code US bookies offer.

  1. No Deposit Bonuses – it is arguably the most appealing form of casino bonus. Online casino no deposit bonus offer often ranges from $5 – $25 and it is offered when you register for an actual casino account online. It ideally states that you can start your gaming experience without having to risk your real money. It’s very appropriate if you fear losing your money and simply wish to test the waters before you deposit your real money. However, there is always a catch. To withdraw your winnings, you will be required to meet wagering requirements which could be set at 15 or even at 50 times. Slot machine games have a reputation of having high play-through requirements.
  2. Reload Bonuses – You will receive it after a registration bonus. Once you continue gaming after utilizing your welcome bonus, some of the licensed largest casino sites online are generous enough to offer you more gaming cash upon every deposit you make. The reload bonus is usually awarded as a small fraction or portion of your deposit back in form of your monthly or weekly payments for instance depending on the bookmaker. The beauty of this bonus is that it doesn’t matter whether you lose all your money. For a little fraction of your deposits, your reward comes in form of match or percentage bonus.
  3. High Roller Bonuses – When you game more continuously on an online casino, and keep making large deposits, then your ranking will definitely improve. Once your rank has grown considerably, you can qualify to be a VIP player. High roller bonus will offer you great returns whenever you make large deposits. The bonus can equally be of great use for you in gaming high stakes games like Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette in live casino action.
  4. Alternative Deposit Method Bonuses – this bonus is reliant on the method of payment you use to pay for your deposit before you play. Online casinos will always want you to use some specified methods to make payment, hence if you heed to the call, you are offered a bonus. The alternative deposit method bonus is often rated at between 5%-15% bonus of your deposit on the stipulated payment channel. The common payment method required to warrant you a bonus are e-wallets and credit or debit cards. Lately, extra bonuses for PayPal or Skrill deposits are relatively common especially while signing up for online casino bonus code US offers.
  5. Match Bonuses – is primarily a bonus that will be offered to you when you make your first deposit. The online casinos will always find favorable ways on how they can make your gaming experience fun to make you want to play more. Match bonuses can be made available to you when you make the deposit up to a certain amount and by a precise percentage. Just ensure you go through the terms and conditions comprehensively before you claim the bonus.
  6. Refer-a-Friend Bonuses – this is a bonus awarded based on every friend you refer to the online bookie. This bonus can only be achieved when the friend you referred to the site registers and actually makes a deposit with real money. In some cases, the refer-a-friend bonus would be referred to as a thank-you bonus, in form of extra cash. Note that the bonus is not real money, but wagering money for playing games in the bookmarker, then the proceeds of the game is what will be the real money achieved.
  7. Loyalty Bonuses – they geared towards appreciating you for playing over time as well as encourage you to continue playing on the respective bookmaker’s site. These types of bonuses are gathered over time when you play games online. For every game you play, there is a predefined number of points awarded. Over time you will gather enough points as long as you have been playing actively. The points gathered, can be exchanged for cash to continue gaming with or other great perks that are determined by the bookmaker.
  8. Casino Cash Backs – this is a form of bonus system where you are refunded your money back. Some online casinos will offer to compensate you for your undying loyalty and bets. The great thing about this bonus is that you can get cashback on your losses, wins or total bets. Remember, just like any other bonus, the cash-back policy will be implemented in strict adherence on terms of the casino that offers the cashback bonus.
  9. Additional (Extra) Spins Bonuses – they will ultimately allow you test the slot machines at totally no cost of real money. If you love slot machine games you have to try additional spin bonuses. Extra spin bonuses will further offer you a chance to earn a bit of extra cash as you test the slot machines.

Redeeming Online Casino Bonus Code Offers

Whenever you land on an online bookie, you won’t fail to find a selection of bonuses and bonus codes that available to you as a new player. Depending on the bookie, as we have already mentioned, the rewards are going to vary. Apart from bringing some benefits to your doorstep, the online casino bonus code US bookmakers offer have also been set up for catching your eye as a new player so that you are tempted to sign up with the them. And after you are a member, the bookie will go above and beyond to give you more bonuses when so that it can retain you as a consistent gamer.

As discussed, these will include: loyalty bonus, cash-back bonus and reload bonus among others. There is just one thing you have to keep in mind, all these perks come with specific terms and conditions that you have to follow.

There are some restrictions that ensure that the casino gets something out of you before you cash out the winnings after taking advantage of that great bonus. Hence, you should pay keen attention to the details by going through the bonus requirements. Licensed bookmakers in the US will have conditions that you can meet and don’t favor the house too much.

Bookies that aren’t legit on the other hand will have conditions that lead to incurring losses on your side at the end of the day. That’s why it’s important for you to go through them so that you can know what’s good for you as a gamer.

Some of the conditions include:

  • Sometimes, you must use a specific form of deposit method, otherwise you will not be eligible for the bonus. e.g. in the case of the alternative deposit method.
  • With the bonus code offers, failure to input the code during registration or as stipulated by the bookie renders the offer null and void for you.
  • There are playthrough requirements in many bonuses especially the welcoming offers.
  • In other cases, the offers can only be used in specific games and even specific odds for the games that you choose.
  • Licensed online bookies also have bonuses that are set for players on mobile apps to encourage them to try and enjoy the mobile gaming which has been catching on in the past years.
  • Validity periods are also always set for bonus offers.

After fulfilling some of the terms set, the bonus is usually available in your account balance in a couple of hours or within 24 hours. Then from there you have to play as per the remainder of the terms so that you can gain the full perks of the bonuses.

Licensed Online Casinos In The United States

Looking at the pace at which the number of online casinos come up lately, it’s evident that as a new player you can easily get confused when you want to decide on where to place your wagers. Fortunately, you can now relax for we have done exhaustive studies and analyses to get you the details of the casino experience in the United States.

Our main aim is for you to relish every moment while playing in the casino US platforms for great value and gaming environment. Whatever bookies we review will, without a doubt, bring you unbeatable offers and games.

We have ranked the casinos professionally without any prejudice or bias so that we can provide you with impartial information for the rewarding online gaming experience ever. Here is the criteria that we use:

  • Safety: this is our priority because we want you to spend your real cash and provide your information on secure sites only. We also check legal authorization certificates so that we can direct you to licensed bookmakers only.
  • Payout Percentage: This happens especially in slot machine gaming. We also weigh the odds in the great bookies so that you can have better chances of winning.
  • Convenient withdrawal methods: This includes on-time payment schedules as well as reversals in case of any issue.
  • Customer Service Support: We only recommend bookmakers with Live Chat Features, and 24/7 availability
  • Promotions: The online casinos we recommend have the bonus deals for new players and loyalty programs for ongoing players, for instance during holidays.
  • Games and Software: The casino we recommend must have a wide range of game collection, super-fast software with great quality graphics for a great experience.
  • Ease of Use: The online platform of the casino has to be easy to navigate through for better gaming.
  • Mobile Compatibility: this is a must because we want you to enjoy your favorite games wherever you are.




Under New Jersey law players must be within New Jersey State lines in order to enjoy Online Casino. To ensure this, casino uses geolocation technology in order to make sure players are physically present within New Jersey.

For both Macs and PCs, all that is required to setup the geolocation tool is a simple plugin download for the browser you are using. The geolocation plugin will automatically download when a player attempts to play any game that is not in demo mode. Make sure pop ups are enabled in order to successfully acquire the plugin.

You also must ensure your WiFi is turned on. Finally, you must disable any type of remote desktop, VPN or other prohibited software on your PC. Examples include LogMeIn, TeamViewer, GoToMeeting, and GoToMyPC.

Mobile devices don’t require a geolocation download as long as location apps are enabled on your smartphone.  


Online gaming calls for your patience, self-discipline and persistence. Thanks to the information we have provided here, you will no longer worry about the safety or reputation of the bookie you are playing in or whether you are taking part in illegal gambling. All the background checks have been undertaken by our team of expert and enthusiastic punters. With all the tips and guidelines that we have offered, you will surely have a better chance of earning some real cash and enjoying yourself while at it.


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