Tropicana Casino Promotional Code

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(See T&Cs below)

Create a new Tropicana account and use your Tropicana Casino promotional code 2019 for a chance to win Real CashBack up to $100 + $10 at SignUp. Once you become a new user, all you have to do is put a deposit of at least $10 and you will become eligible for the reward. Sign up with Tropicana Casino promotional code 2019 and get your bonus*!

*The Up to $100 Real Cash Back promotion begins on August 27, 2014 at 12:01am ET and ends on March 28, 2019 at 11:59pm ET. To enter the Promotion, you must be 21 years or over, a registered patron at and located in the State of New Jersey, United States of America. This Promotion is available to new Patrons who register for a Patron account on who are yet to complete both their First Deposit, and their First Wager. First deposit of not less than $10. Place a first wager, either in the form of Bonus Money or cash. Patrons are only eligible to receive either the First Deposit Cash Reward or the Total Wager Cash Reward, whichever occurs first. The First Deposit Cash Reward or the Total Wager Cash Reward, as applicable, earned will be credited to Patrons’ online accounts within three business days. Any cash received as part of this Promotion is withdrawable, subject to a minimum withdrawal of $10.

Tropicana Casino Promotional Code Bonus Offer

Once you get on the Tropicana Casino, you can expect a great range of attractive promotions and bonuses. All of this with Tropicana Casino promotional code 2019! You’re likely to love all of the popular games on offer and won’t be disappointed by the promotions awaiting you!

If you’re a big fan of slot games and are looking for something new, make sure to simply head to Tropicana in order to find some refreshing new choices. With the welcoming Tropicana promo code, you will find that you can begin winning at your favorite new games. Simply go online and check out the site to make sure there is something which you’re interested in playing.

Find all the bonus details in the table below!

Bonus typeBonus description
Tropicana Bonus:Up to $100 Cash Back *
Minimum deposit:$10 minimum deposit & a wager required to participate*
Tropicana Casino Promotional Code 2019REVEAL THE CODE!
Tropicana Casino Terms and Conditions*See Tropicana Casino Terms and Conditions above*
Special offersCashback on your favorite games, Vacation Prize Draws
Tropicana Casino offersJackpots, a range of slots, a great customer service team and a loyalty program
Promotional period*The Up to $100 Real Cash Back promotion begins on August 27, 2014 at 12:01am ET and ends on March 28, 2019 at 11:59pm ET.

How to Get My Tropicana Bonus?

It’s extremely easy to sign up to a brand new account with Tropicana Casino Online to get your Tropicana bonus. All you need to do is to visit Tropicana Casino Online website. Then simply head to the top of the page where you will find a “Join” button. It’s as easy, as clicking on this button to begin your experience. After you have done this, you will be led to a page where you are required to enter all your personal information.

Every box which has an asterisk requires you to fill in information, but it is recommended that you fill in every box. Unlike many sites, you are required to enter your social security number in order to verify your identity. The site is only available to those in the United States, so keep this in mind if you have been looking forward to signing up from a different country. The signup process is one which is simple, in that it is all done on one page, however, you may find that the site requires a lot more information than many of those also available to you.

Once you have entered all of your personal information online, you will be required to check a box stating: “I am 21 or over and agree to the Terms, Age Verification Policy, Privacy Policy and Location Service Policy”. It is definitely worth having a read through the terms to ensure you are following protocol.


Tropicana Casino Promotional Code 2019 Registration

If you are having any problems with signing up, the site makes it very easy for you to reach out and get in contact with someone who can help. You can either message them using the live chat function, which pops up on the screen if you have paused there for a while, you can also find the email and telephone number on the side of the page too.

As well as this, you will find that there is an option for FAQs for the signup process so you can find people who have had similar problems to you. Once you have signed up, it is very easy for you to simply input your code and begin playing. You can make a deposit and begin winning at your favorite games online!

Tropicana site also make it very clear that they have very high standards when it comes to security. They state:

“We understand that while you relax and play it’s good to know that security is at the forefront of our minds, as it is yours. That’s why we are meticulous in our approach to keeping your details safe and private. We use the same process used by banks nationwide to ensure our players’ information is completely impenetrable.”

Why Join Tropicana Online Casino?

As always, there are many reasons as to why you should sign up to get Tropicana Bonus, but it is worth reading over some of the positive and negative aspects before you make your decision in order to make sure you are informed on what the company can offer you.

The company has a whole range of reasons listed on its website as to why it thinks its games and online gaming experience is superior to anywhere else online. These include options such as jackpots, a huge range of slots, a fantastic customer service team and a loyalty program. Just don’t forget to use Tropicana promo code*! (See T&Cs above)

The company adds:

“Our jackpots are guaranteed to get your pulse pounding. This stimulating mix of high-voltage energy and sophisticated style is what makes the Tropicana Atlantic City Online experience unforgettable. We create moments that will be remembered and smiled about for a lifetime.”


Why Join Tropicana Online Casino?

You will also find that the company can boast a range of games which can be interesting for anyone who is bored of the same options they’ve been faced with previously. You can play any of the Tropicana casino games as much as you would like once you have signed up for an account. Simply make sure to use the Tropicana promo code! Many casino fans find that this way of playing is extremely fun and well worth checking out.

Are you encouraged to play? Sign up to get Tropicana Bonus. With Tropicana promo code you can receive many bonuses, enhance your gameplay and enjoy visiting the online casino.

The site are very proud of the fact that they can offer punters a huge range of promotions in order to majorly enhance gameplay. They said on their website: “Special offers include Cashback on your favorite games, Vacation Prize Draws and the ability to claim bonuses for you and your friends.” So make sure to check these out once you sign up!

Tropicana Online Casino Bonuses

The site has many different casino games on offer and thousands of people log on every day in order to play. When it comes to the bonus, it is definitely worth keeping in mind the fact that the website does not offer you an option which uses a deposit, alike many other online sites. They use a loss rebate instead. This can be up to $100. Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions when you sign up to ensure you have met the criteria needed to win the money. There are also other types of bonuses that you can receive during your play at the Tropicana. One of those is the Community Jackpot. Essentially, it means that whenever someone gets a jackpot while you are online and playing, there is a chance that you might receive some money as well. The pool for this is up to $30,000, so there is a chance that you might win some serious money this way.

Tropicana Community Jackpot


**Eligibility: To enter Community Jackpot, you must be over 21 year or older and located in the State of New Jersey, United States of America. You must be a member of our website, which means that you must accept our website Terms. You can sign up as a patron here: You must be logged into the website and actively playing a game. At any time while you are playing a game, a treasure chest and a key may appear on your screen. The key may unlock the treasure chest. If the key unlocks the treasure chest, you will be eligible to win the grand prize of up to $10,000.00. If other patrons are playing on the site (i.e. betting cash) within the one (1) hour before the key unlocks the treasure chest, all the patrons, including the person who unlocked the treasure chest, will win a share of the $10,000.00 prize. The share received depends on the amount of money bet during the hour of play. If the key does not unlock the treasure chest, no one will win the grand prize. One grand prize of up to $10,000.00 in cash. Odds of winning are equal to the house edge on the games on which the bet was placed during the time the treasure chest and key appeared on the screen. You must meet the minimum bet of 1c to be eligible to win a prize. The minimum community share paid out is 1c. If your calculated community share is less than half a cent you will not be awarded a community share. Shares between 1c and half a cent will be rounded up to 1c. Games played in demo mode are excluded from the Promotion.

There are many other great bonuses and promotions which are on offer to you. If you are playing online, then the site can offer you many different options such as Refer a Friend where you can make money simply by introducing your friends to the world of online betting – make sure to read up on the Terms and Conditions before you do this in order to make sure that it is right for you and that you have ticked all the boxes to be able to receive your money**.

Tropicana Refer a Friend

***Tropicana Online Casino is a licensed casino. Bear in mind that the welcome bonus is an one time offer.

The “Refer a Friend” promotion begins on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 12:01am ET and ends on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 11:59pm ET. To enter the Promotion, you must be 21 years or over, a registered patron at located in the State of New Jersey, United States of America and be the named recipient of the Promotion offer via email. You must be located in the State of New Jersey to wager. All Website Terms and these Rules apply. Referrers are eligible to receive $50 in Bonus Money for each Successful Referral to Tropicana Casino. Referees will have been successfully referred to Tropicana Casino if they complete all of the steps below during the Promotional Period: they are not a current Patron of Tropicana Casino; they use a Referrer’s personal referral link or they input the Referrer’s username on the Website registration page to successfully register a new Patron account at; they make a minimum deposit of $10; they make a wager. During the Promotional Period, Referrers are eligible to receive a maximum of $2,500 in Bonus Money in total in one calendar year. A Referee who is a Successful Referral will receive $50 in Bonus Money. All Bonus Money earned by a Patron will be credited to their Patron account upon completion of a Successful Referral, and in case of technical issues, no later than three business days from Successful Referral. Bonus Money must be played online, is not redeemable for cash and expires after thirty days.


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Tropicana Online Casino Customer Service

The customer services of Tropicana Casino are an aspect of the site which they are extremely proud of and make their punters very aware of. They also offer you the chance to reach out with your questions whenever you need. If you need to speak to someone from the website then you have three options.

These include the live chat function which allows you to speak to someone from the support team. You can also call the company on a toll free number. That number is: 844-737-7615. Your last option is to send an email. With this choice, you will be sent to a page where you can enter your personal details, such as your name and email address, then enter your question into the box. Once you have done this, you will receive feedback from the company in a short amount of time.


Tropicana Online Casino Customer Support Services

If you feel as though your question is one which has an obvious answer and could be simply resolved, then you may want to consider checking out the Tropicana Casino Online FAQ section.

The site offers you questions which are currently being asked, or asked the frequently, such as: “What do I do if I have lost my mobile phone since registering the account?” Or “How can I verify my email address?” However, if you have a different question, then you can very easily input this into the search bar and you will be sent to a page where you can find out more and see some of the questions which have also been asked. If you think that your question is of a more complicated nature, or cannot find the answer you are looking for, then feel free to utilize one of the customer support methods available to you.

Tropicana Online Casino Gaming

Gamesys is the company behind the online casino. The London-based company are well known for their games and you will find that by signing up to Tropicana Casino, you will be offered many great new casino games which you may not have ever heard of or experienced before.

However, if you have experience with Virgin Casino, then you are likely to be familiar with the site as they are both run by the same companies. Keep this in mind, as the difference in the sites may not be worth the change. You can be sure that your casino experience will be an enjoyable one as many UK players have been playing Gamesys’ casino options for a long time. The company has been around for 15 years and is the provider of casino software to many companies. It is interesting to find out which!

Tropicana Online Casino Games Offer

Tropicana casino is one which is very similar to Virgin Casino. You will find that they can offer a great range of different games which you may never have played before, like some of the Tropicana Casino slot machines. This is because the site offers you multiple playing options and software developers.

However, if you are someone who is used to a great range of gaming options, you may be disappointed to find that Tropicana is of average size. If you are someone who is used to a smaller range, then make sure to check out the variety which this site can offer you.

Some of the games which are on offer for you to begin playing include: Atlantic City Blackjack, Game King, Double Double Bonus Poker, Single Zero Roulette, Single Deck Blackjack, Three Card Poker, American Roulette, Triple Play Draw Poker, Hi-Lo, Wonderland, Lil’ Lady, Scratch Card Shop, Wheel of Fortune, LobsterMania and many, many more! Make sure to check out the website to find out what it on offer to you and use your Tropicana Casino promotional code 2019 to enhance your gameplay to a completely new level!


(See T&Cs above)

Tropicana Casino NJ App

You will find that if you are interested in playing in the casino while you are out and about, then there is nothing better than downloading Tropicana Casino NJ App to allow you to play while on the move. However, if you are interested in Tropicana bonus and are used to a very serviceable option, you may want to think again.

Currently, the site needs more selection on their app to make it a very positive download experience. You will find that if you have a phone which is slightly outdated, then the app will not work out for you and is either slow or won’t download at all. You can, however, use the app on an Android or iOS phone.

Something which can also be frustrating about the app is that you won’t find much help on the main platform of the site and so will have to figure out how to download and setup the app yourself. However, if you are used to downloading and playing games on your phone, this process should not be too difficult for you.

Many people have pointed out that there is a lack in the amount of games on offer. It is worth reading the reviews on the store from regular punters to find out whether you would be happy with the layout and games. You may find that it can be boring to play the same titles every day and begin looking for some more thrilling options. The site have, however, pointed out that they will add more games. Currently, the option for slots includes some popular from the website, such as: Wolf Run, Cats, Cleopatra, Wonderland and Diamond Bonanza.

However, something which you should be happy to learn is the fact that you will be both safe and secure while using your money account on the Tropicana app. The website assures you that your information is protected and you can begin betting without the worry of having any of your details stolen. If this sounds good to you, then make sure to sign up using the Tropicana promo code.


(See T&Cs above)

Who is Able to Play?

When you sign up to a new casino, it is definitely worth working out whether you will be able to play before you enter any details. This way you won’t be disappointed! When it comes to Tropicana Casino, anyone willing to play needs to be 21 years or over which is the same for casinos in the USA.

You will find that it is easy to play, but for the bonuses and to be able to register, you must be located in the United States. If you want to begin playing with a money account, which punters do, then you will need to keep in mind the fact that you should be physically in the state borders of New Jersey. You may find that if you are not, your bonus will be void, which is certainly not something you are likely to want to risk!

The casino has geolocation software. What this means is that it can automatically find out where you are and can block you from playing if you attempt to ignore this rule.

Tropicana Online Casino Opening Layout

As soon as you click onto Tropicana site, you will be faced with the banner about the site’s recent promotion and encouraged to click on this. However, they point out that rules apply and it is definitely worth reading through these before you do decide to sign up or begin playing using Tropicana Promo Code.

One good side of Tropicana Casino is that they offer many different bonuses for new punters and even for those who are already playing – so keep this in mind! Along the top of the page you will find a banner which has options to help you find what you are looking for including slots, and casino. If you do not want to be spending any money at the site, then you can choose this tab and be led to a page where you will find two games including: Tiki’s Catch for the Day and Search for the Phoenix. Be aware that to play these, you also need to make an account, albeit only using your e-mail address, instead of all the other information.

However, if you want to use a welcome bonus in order to play, then you will need to create a money account and make a deposit. In order to do this, simply head to the top left hand corner of the page where you will find the join button. From here, it should not be difficult for you to very simply sign up and you can begin playing!


(See T&Cs above)

Tropicana Online Casino Banking Options

Tropicana Casino has some very useful banking options so that absolutely anyone can begin playing to their heart’s content. All you need to do is either use your mobile or computer and you can begin making a deposit or withdrawing money. When it comes to the deposits option, simply choose from one of the following. Your options are: Cash at 7 Eleven, MasterCard, Visa, NETELLER, Skrill, Instant e-Check (ACH), Cash at the Casino or an Online Bank Transfer.

If you find that you are having any problems, simply make sure to reach out to the customer service team who will very easily be able to help you achieve everything you need.

Tropicana Online Casino Withdrawals

You have just few of the same options when it comes to making a withdrawal. With Tropicana Casino, you should find that the process is one which is easy and quick to use, depending on which method you decide to use.

However, many punters complain that there are not enough options for those who want to withdraw money in the same way which they deposited it. If you do not use one of the methods which Tropicana Casino offers for withdrawals, it is worth either setting it up, or choosing a casino which can offer you a broader range of choices. If you have asked for a cheque to be sent to you, then it will likely take around one week for this money to reach you.

When it comes to the other withdrawal methods, many of these will take around three days. Your options include: Skrill, NETELLER, and cheque.

However, something worth keeping in mind is that if you live close to Atlantic City, you can simply go to the casino cashier and withdraw your money from here very quickly and easily. You can do this absolutely any time and you will receive your cash in a way which causes you no hassle (except for the trip, of course).


(See T&Cs above)

Tropicana Casino Online Gambling in the Press

It is interesting to see where a company began, but due to the fact that Tropicana Casino is a site which is used by punters located in New Jersey, there has not been a lot of coverage in mainstream press since the release of the site. However, from a previous article before the site was launched, gave an interesting insight into the company and their plans. They wrote:

“Gamesys has a proven track record in the UK of providing great products and customer service and we look forward to launching Tropicana’s Internet gaming business with them,” said Tony Rodio, the Tropicana’s president.

Noel Hayden, founder & CEO of Gamesys Limited, said the British company is eager to start Tropicana Casino Onlien gambling operations in New Jersey. “We have always sought ambitious partners and Tropicana Atlantic City is a great partner,” he said. In 2012, Gamesys became the first company to offer real-money gambling through Facebook in the UK.

The Tropicana Casino also received attention from the Atlantic in 2012 with this headline and opening paragraph:

“The Man Who Broke Atlantic City: Don Johnson won nearly $6 million playing blackjack in one night, single-handedly decimating the monthly revenue of Atlantic City’s Tropicana casino. Not long before that, he’d taken the Borgata for $5 million and Caesars for $4 million.”


Under New Jersey law players must be within New Jersey State lines in order to enjoy the Tropicana Online Casino. To ensure this, the Tropicana uses geolocation technology in order to make sure players are physically present within New Jersey.

For both Macs and PCs, all that is required to setup the geolocation tool is a simple plugin download for the browser you are using. The geolocation plugin will automatically download when a player attempts to play any game that is not in demo mode. Make sure pop ups are enabled in order to successfully acquire the plugin.

You also must ensure your WiFi is turned on. Finally, you must disable any type of remote desktop, VPN or other prohibited software on your PC. Examples include LogMeIn, TeamViewer, GoToMeeting, and GoToMyPC.

Mobile devices don’t require a geolocation download as long as location apps are enabled on your smartphone.  


Please be sure to visit the to review the Terms of Service and all terms and conditions applicable to all aspects of online gaming on the Tropicana Casino’s online gaming sites, including, but not limited to, Promotional Terms, Reward Plans, etc., which terms and conditions and related policies may change from time-to-time at the Tropicana Casino’s discretion, subject to regulatory approval.

NOTE: The owner and operator of this website is not responsible for the content, Terms of Service and/or Terms and Conditions and/or policies outlined on Tropicana Casino’s online gaming websites and hereby disclaims any and all liability for any claims, losses, damages, costs, fees (including attorney fees), judgments alleged to have arisen, directly or indirectly, as a result of a patron or patrons’ gaming activity on such sites or arising out of a patron or patrons’ establishing an account on such sites.

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